Welcome to Room for Movement

Movement is the foundation, the framework and the key to solving injury and performance issues.

The 'Room 4 Movement' approach focuses on finding and correcting the underlying movement faults that drive the problem, so that the solution is long term. It is a comprehensive approach developed alongside the latest in human movement research.

Juliana Samson formed ‘Room 4 Movement’, through seeing a need to broaden her Physiotherapy skills in order to better serve her patients. Addressing the injured tissue with therapeutic techniques and standard rehabilitation is often successful in dealing with the presenting episode.
However, unless biomechanics along the kinetic chain, movement patterns, core control, conditioning and sporting technique are addressed, there's an increased risk that the problem will return, either at the same site or as another injury elsewhere.

Through the Room 4 Movement approach, Juliana treats the presenting pain or performance issues as a flag to problems in the movement system. 

In other words, Juliana doesn't just 'treat pain'. Whilst managing the problem with the diagnosis and stage of healing in mind, she also treats the movement dysfunction which drives the pain problem. This way, the underlying problem is addressed and recurrence risk is reduced.

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